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About Life Coaching &
Energy Healing

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What exactly is life coaching?

Life coaching is about being heard, and exploring both what it is you deeply want to create, and what it is that is holding you back from creating it.

It's about finding what patterns and thoughts are stopping you from living your mostly wildly fulfilling life, and changing them.

It is about getting in touch with your deepest self, your soul, the place where the real magic resides, and learning how to use that magic!

It is learning practical tools to do those things, and it is about having fun in the process.


I work to empower you. To teach you how to give not just to others, but to yourself. And to help you stop feeling like you aren't enough, don't have enough degrees, experience, letters after your name. To help you achieve your full potential by seeing the power and wisdom already in you! And then teaching you how to take this into the world, into relationships, into owning your value and earnings what you are worth.


In this wild new world, all the things we used to think were permanent, reliable structures are coming down - many of them need to come down! But how we work, our beliefs, relationships, identities, the technology in our lives, everything is changing at lightning speed. This can lead to a lot of anxiety and uncertainty.  Life coaching helps you thrive in this wild new world where you can create anything you want! You will learn tools and exercises, access your deep beliefs that hold you back from your best life, and learn how to dissolve those beliefs My coaching practice involves deeply listening to you. Encouraging you to go deeper into thinking and talking about the things that are unsatisfactory in your life, the things you want to change. And then using powerful tools, practical exercises, assignments, and other tools, helping guide you to find what it is you truly want, your dream life. And finding the limiting beliefs and blocks that have prevented you from creating that life. As we do that, magic happens! Really. There is magic out there when you start to get in alignment with your essential self, with the life you are meant to be living. As we use these powerful tools, you will begin to create a life of abundance, joy, love, meaning and peace.

What exactly is energy healing?

Energy work has been around for thousands of years. In school for Traditional Chinese Medicine I was introduced to the ancient practice of Qi Gong, which translates to "energy work". I have also studied under teachers from around the world, and deepened my own practice of energy work for 25 years. 

All bodies, human, animal, plant, and mineral, have an energy. It can be seen and measured in humans. It is an invisible force that runs through us and around us, and in fact is in every space in the world all the time. In Anglo American culture, most of us grow up never even knowing we have an energy body just like a physical one. In other cultures around the world there are deep, sacred traditions around the energy aspect, but for many of us it is a new concept. 

Our energy plays a huge role in how we feel emotionally, in our health, in the flow and ease of things in our lives. We can take on negative energy from other people, we can build up negative energy of our own and it's almost like a slow poisoning of ourselves, of our lives. 

When I practice energy healing, I clear negative energy out of your body and/or your home or work. I can also teach you how to shield yourself from the negative energy of difficult people, how to work with your energy to bring more harmony into your life and how to maintain clean, healthy energy. It's a fun, magical, powerful and often overlooked aspect of our lives. Let's work together to explore it! 

Now is the time to make a commitment and an investment in yourself. Let's get started!


Radiant Life Coaching

Let's make your life radiant! Radiate love and joy and health and meaning. Choose from individual sessions, packages at a 10% discount, or workshops and events to get started creating a life you love.

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Group Lecture

The Radiant Life Workshop

Join with other like minded people to have fun, learn tools to cope with this wild new changing world and create a life you can't wait to get out of bed every morning to live! Find answers to your inner questions, unlock your creativity and play, instead of work, to create your best life. Content on workshops changes, see the classes and workshops link above for more information! 

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