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an altar in a 100 year old barn from my workshop

Sacred Arrangement Design

Sacred Arrangement Design is a term I came up with to describe arranging and designing a space by being in conversation with the energy of the furniture, objects, home, colors and people to create inspiring, calming, beautiful spaces - from a tiny corner, to a whole room. Objects all have an energy and they will tell you where they want to be if you listen. And when they are arranged in that way, the result is a space that creates peace, sanctuary and a sense of sacred connection. Whether it is a table top in a corner, a small area of your home, or a whole room, I use color, texture, natural materials and objects you already own, occasionally with some inexpensive additions, to create a place of calm, of beauty and of restoration. We all need a sacred space in our homes where we can nourish ourselves and be inspired. Let's work together to create one for you! 

For more information and pictures, visit me at

I also do energy clearings on homes, from newly purchased homes, to any home especially if things feel stuck or just "aren't working." It's a simple process that takes anywhere from a few minutes to an hour depending on the size of the space.

I am a nationally licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist, author and life coach. I have also enjoyed design for years. The spaces I create have a sacred connection by inviting the energy of the place and people to lead the design. <3

Below are some before and after pics of some of my work! Several are of a 1700s farmhouse in Maine, talk about amazing energy! 

Call text or email me and we can discuss your project to come up with a vision and a budget.

dark bedroom before lyman.jpg
kitchen before lyman.jpg
LR before lyman.jpg
altar for a friend in surgery
upstairs BR after lyman.jpg
Kitchen Lyman.jpg
the clubhouse
1700s livingroom after
an altar in a 100 year old barn from my workshop

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