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I'm so glad you're here. I'm Heather, here's a bit about me - I hold two Master's degrees, one in Social Science from the University of Chicago, one in Traditional Chinese Medicine which I studied in the US & China. I am a certrified Martha Beck Life Coach (Oprah's life coach and has a monthly column in O Magazine among many other things), I work as a coach and in my busy acupuncture and herbal medicine practice. I am a published author and I have studied energy and spiritual work for 25 years with teachers from around the world.  


I'm here to help you answer the question - what the heck do I want? In life, in work, in love, in health, in parenting, in everything. And then I can help along the path to creating that dream life.


Through powerful tools and exercises I will help you create a life you can't believe you get to live! I bring 23 years of work and study in coaching, acupuncture & alternative medicine, energy work, meditation and reiki. Let's start creating a life you love!

About me: I'm a lover of life, of passion, peace, laughing my head off, creating meaning and joy in life. I'm a life coach, mom to two amazing, funny, kind teenage boys, step mom to two amazing teenage girls, wife, acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist, business owner and published author. I'm here to help people who are accomplished, smart, capable, and have probably created a great life, but who may be this what I meant to create? I ready for something new? Is there a way to have more meaning in my life? More joy? More prosperity? More rest and play? More delight?

After studying life coaching with the Martha Beck Institute, I have brought all my interests and perspectives together to offer a unique perspective on transforming your life, body, mind and soul.  


Working with me as a coach is about practical tools, it's about wildly powerful exercises that can blow your mind and your limiting beliefs wide open, and it's about magic. The kind of magic I experience daily in my slightly untamed life. If you're looking to bring more meaning, purpose, joy, rest, prosperity, self care, and magic into your life, you can book a session above or contact me for a free initial consult and we can see if we are a good fit for one another!

Meet Heather

Life Coach, Author, Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Business Owner

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