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What Are The 3 Words That Shape Your Life?

The 3 Life Words I Chose

When I was embarking in a lot of life changes a few years ago I bought myself 3 rings for Christmas. I thought - what are the 3 words around which I want to shape my life? I chose: Family. I wear this at the base because family (including very dear friends) are the most important thing to me. Next comes Love. Love for all things. Universal, Love with a capital L. Finally I chose a Scottish Gaelic word (my father is Acottish and I love the culture). Aoibhneas. Pronounced “Ahwayness” it means lighthearted and playful. Like a child. These are my 3 words. If you had to pick 3 words that shape your life, what would they be? #stonefeatherfire #love #jewelry #family #joy #life

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