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This is your sign - Do the thing you've been dreaming of!

Ok, for liability reasons let me qualify that. Don't do the thing you've been dreaming of if it's punching your neighbor in the mouth for blasting bad 70's rock on the weekends, or if it is quitting your job with no other source of income or anything else that might land you in jail and or debtor's prison. But....for that thing that has been on your mind for weeks, years, maybe it! Maybe you've always wanted to write a book, or write an article for a magazine, or write a journal entry. Or start a cooking blog, or change jobs, or go back to school or make that profile and look for your soulmate. If the thing springs from a place of love, then do it. We are all here for a limited time on this beautiful earth and we NEED to do those things our souls are calling us to do. Not just for our own delight and fulfillment, but also because the world desperately needs each of us to share the gifts we are meant to share. That's how we heal the world. We each have unique gifts which can range from something spectacular to something mundane. A spiritual teacher decades ago once asked me how I would feel if the highest purpose in my life was to live in a particular town and hold a particular energy there. It sounded pretty boring at the age of 28, but in fact, that is what I think I do with my life and my gifts mostly. And it's wonderful. So for the sake of the world, please share what you have been given. Share your vision. Share your gift. Share your inspiration. The world needs it. (for more on how to hear that voice, know what your soul wants you to do that's coming in a post soon!) You are really almost obliged to do it, to be honest. Whatever gifts you've come to earth with, even if it's simply (which is not a small thing, it's the biggest gift of all) to have a big heart and be a good friend, you were given that in order to share it. It isn't really yours, it's just coming through you. So let it come through. Start the business, relationship, garden, new coconut cream pie recipe, that has been tickling you like a little feather all this time. It's what your soul is here to do. Nothing is too small, or too big. Go for it! As the gorgeous poet Mary Oliver famously wrote,

"Tell me. What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

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Peace and Love from the Coast of Maine!

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