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Summer Solstice, Rocky Mountains and Big Magic

I just spent the summer solstice in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, that's the second year in a row I've done that, visiting my best friend and soul mate who lives on a ranch with views of protected land that take your breath away. The solstice has passed but here is something to remember - big magic is all around us. On days like the solstice or equinox - in the traditions of my Celtic heritage, days like Beltaine and Samhain - the magic is closer, you can feel it even more strongly, but it is always there. So on those days, take an extra moment to close your eyes and feel the land. Feel the energy of the universe. Whether you are in the middle of the Rockies or the middle of Manhattan, anyone can do it, all energy is connected so you can feel energy from anywhere on earth, from wherever you are. You do this by closing your eyes, sitting quietly and feeling. Feel your energy (I am currently creating a short class on how to recognize what your energy feels like for people who are new to the concept. I'll post a link to the class when it is done). Then imagine a place that feels sacred to you, and feel the energy of that place. It can also be the energy of an animal. Most traditional cultures teach the importance of working with the energy of wild animals, also known as totems or familiars. So anything that calls to you that is non-human works- a natural place, a wild animal, stone, feather, fire, water...just practice connecting your energy to the natural world and pulsing with the heartbeat of nature for a few moments. It's a great practice to do every day, not just on special days like the solstice. You will begin to feel how you can breathe in pure energy and breathe out spent or negative energy like the breath of the energy body. This is just one practice to get you more in alignment with nature, and with your essence, and when you do that, magic starts showing up everywhere! I wanted to see some animals on my visit, I did a little meditation and respectfully asked if any animals wanted to visit and wow - we saw two huge elk at a full gallop, my friend had never seen that in all her hundreds of elk sightings, we saw an enormous owl flying right out in front of us in broad daylight (owls are nocturnal), I felt big snake energy nearby all day one day and sure enough that evening a huge fat 4' long snake appeared. Magic can show up as a "coincidence" an unexpected wonderful event, or in many little ways that are the universe giving you hints. Giving you whispers that you are on the right track, that you are aligning with your higher self. So keep plugging into nature, keep listening to silence, and keep watching for magic as it appears in your life!

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