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Summer Solstice Ritual Kit!

Everything you need for a celebration of the summer solstice, welcoming the longest day of the year, and celebrating abundance and growth. Have some friends over, or celebrate alone. The Summer Solstice is a sacred date that has been marked by rituals all around the world for thousands of years. Connect to that deep sense of tradition, energy and belonging with this beautiful Summer Solstice Ritual Kit.

This kit includes: A large abalone shell, white sage smudge stick, a palo santo smudge stick. A turkey feather for smudging. A Reiki Abundance candle, energetically attuned and made with essential oils so it smells as wonderful as it looks. 5 crystals and stones carefully chosen for your summer solstice ritual. Instructions on how to perform a simple, but powerful, solstice ritual. Muslin pouch for holding the items.

The stones included are:

Citrine - the color of the sun, this stone awakens the powers of creativity and manifesting. It has a playful energy that brings happiness and light. Perfect for the summer.

Sodalite - the color of blue sky and sea. This stone increases mental strength and the powers of intuition. It can spark "aha" moments on our personal journeys.

Red Jasper - Grounding and calming this deep red, earthy stone is like a big, warm hug. Powerfully balancing, soothing and comforting. It keeps us grounded during the most active and "yang" time of the year - the summer.

Smoky Quartz - This is a powerful stone that is good to hold during any healing session or ritual. It emits a high level of energy and both clears negative energy, grounds and brings a "good vibe" feeling to groups.

Clear Quartz - such a simple, yet powerful, stone. Clear quartz amplifies the energy of the person using it, and also of other stones used together with it. It brings light, spiritual awareness and es excellent for healing, balancing and aiding in meditation.

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