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One of Three Fabulous Trips I took last Year. MI With Best College Friends!

Hi. I'm Heather. Welcome!

Welcome to Stone Feather Fire

Bringing Ritual Back to Life

Do you want a life of beauty, peace, love and happiness? Me too. Actually I managed to create that life out of the ruins of my old life that held none of those things. And I did it by going back to my roots - back to ritual, ceremony and visualization. And I can teach you how to do the same.

All humans have a deep need for ritual, connection and ceremony. Rituals and manifesting techniques have enabled me to create a life that I absolutely love! The man of my dreams, healthy, wonderful children, a beautiful home with a pool, work that I love doing every single day and an office just two miles from my home. Travel. Friends. Family. Community. I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams. And rituals have played a large part for me in creating this life I love. For thousands of years cultures have had rituals to celebrate everything from waking in the morning, to marriage, death, healing and almost every other aspect of life. In our modern culture, we have lost touch with these rituals that bring a deep sense of peace, inspiration and connection. Stone Feather Fire offers information, inspiration, and beautiful things in our store to help to create the rituals that you want to bring to life. Coming in late 2019 - the book Stone Feather Fire!

After a very rough period in my life where I had come down with a rare illness that left me almost paralyzed from the waist down, a move that took me and my family hundreds of miles from the home we had lived in for a decade, the sudden death of my mother, and just weeks later the sudden end of my marriage, I was lost. I was struggling to make sure my children were ok emotionally and physically and, though I had recovered almost fully from my illness, I had to pack up and move again and commute long hours to work. I knew I needed help. A change. A life my children and I could love and enjoy. I added simple rituals back into my life such as meditation, visualization, manifesting work, yoga and energy work. And with a lot of hard work and tears along the way, within a year I owned a beautiful home I love, had a thriving acupuncture and herbal medicine practice that supports me and my boys and leaves time for me to be at all their school events and pick them up from school every day, I have my own beautiful office just two miles from my home and I am in the most amazing relationship of my life with a man I love and who loves me. I attribute this great good fortune to a lot of hard work, but also learning how to allow ease and abundance back into my life. And rituals were the path that led me there...

I have a BA in Anthropology and a Master's in Anthropology and Social Science from the University of Chicago. I also have a Master's in Oriental Medicine and have been a practicing acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist for 20 years. I have also spent 20 years studying different traditional forms of ritual and meditation. I have been fortunate enough to travel much of the world and this site, and my book, are the result of a life long fascination with, and study of, other cultures, their rituals and their connection to the sacred. Rituals are powerful ways of concentrating our energy and focus to help us deal with pain, loss, and also help us to attract and accept joy, love, health and to work to create the life we dream of. I hope you enjoy my blog, and shop, you can also follow me on Instagram at stonefeatherfire. My shop will continue to grow over time - offering gorgeous, affordable objects like sage smudge sticks, healing crystals, candles, books and more, to help you create rituals, beauty and abundance in your life. Find the items that I talk about in my blog and book right here at my online store!

Wishing you peace, health, joy and abundance!

With Love, Heather

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