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How to Love Your Life

Welcome to my blog! I'll post things about life, love, health and creating a life you can't wait to get up and live every day! I'm drawing on all my life coaching skills and also 24 years of experience as a nationally licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist as well as 25 years of spiritual and energy work studies to bring you posts about every part of this wild and crazy life journey!

So, how do you love your life? Start small. Find one area of your life you'd like to feel better about and ask yourself really specific questions. What exactly don't I like about it? Write it down. How can I change one tiny thing this week to make it better? Where do I start to create change? For me, the most important place to start is inside. When we have peace and joy inside, the rest of our lives flow SO much more easily and beautifully. So why not start there? Spend a few minutes each day getting very quiet. Your soul is trying to speak to you, it desperately wants your attention, it has SO much great information to give you to guide you toward the life you are meant to be living. But you can't hear those messages unless you are quiet. So for me my first step when I feel my life isn't going well - which happens to all of us even once we think we have it all figured out! - is I get quiet. I turn off all electronics, I close my eyes, and I breathe. And I listen. It doesn't have to be for hours - who has time for that? Even a few moments will help. 15 minutes or more is magic. You will be amazed at the things you hear if you give your soul a moment of your attention. And you will start to recognize the feeling of what I call your "knowing". When you get messages from your essence, from your soul, you just know they are right. You don't have to question them and doubt them, you know. They are both powerful and relaxing at the same time. Practice being quiet. Be patient. Let messages start to arrive, and recognize that amazing feeling of "knowing".

Thanks for reading! And don't forget - beauty is all around, love is available to you in every moment, and gratitude creates joy.

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