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Easy Quick Ritual for Manifesting. Oh, and Wine!

History and one of my favorite rituals tonight. And wine! Wine should be a part of every ritual in my single working mom opinion! Here is a quick easy ritual you can perform whenever you are trying to create change. Do, in the pic the little red stool is 100 years old and was in my grandparent’s 500 year old thatched cottage in England when I was little. I love things that are old and have meaning like that. Now I sit on it in front of my fire and do a great any time ritual. When you want to release an old pattern, take a few deep, centering breaths. Get quiet and still. And write what it is you want to release...maybe an old thought pattern, maybe it’s overeating, a bad relationship, being unkind to yourself...whatever it is, write it on a piece of paper and as you toss it@into the fire, or light it with a candle (if you can safely let it burn or put it out!) release the energy of the person/thought/event/belief. Releasing the energy is the point of the ritual so focus on that as you watch the paper burn. I do this every New Year’s Eve but also any time I want to create a specific change. I like to then write a few words describing what I want to draw into my life too, and I keep that paper tucked away in my journal. Happy sipping, writing, burning and manifesting! #stonefeatherfire #manifestation #ritual #fire #inspiration #wine #moms #singlemom #journalling

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